eDiscovery in Miami

April 25, 2018

eDiscovery Service Provider Miami

eDiscovery service provider South Florida

Detekted is an eDiscovery service provider located in South Florida. We not only care about getting the job done right, but we are determined to do it in a cost effective way to have the end client save.  After all, why pay for a Harley Davidson, if you can get the same IF NOT BETTER service and support for the price of Honda!  We guarantee a savings of up to 25% from your current provider.

Some of the services we provide are:

Data Preservation or Collection

Digital Forensics

eDiscovery processing

Hosted Review and IT Security.

With Headquarters in Miami, Fl, we service all of Florida and the east coast.

Click here to CONTACT US today or call us at 866-384-5221 to see how we can make your life easier.

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